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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 22, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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because the forecast is all about earnings today. brooke? >> zain asher for us and there it goes, on queue, the closing bell. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks so much for being with me. i'll be back here at the same time, same place tomorrow. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. you will not walk this road alone, vice president biden tries to assure the ukrainians. do they buy it? does putin? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." he was speaking to the ukrainians but the vice president comes bearing a $50 million gift for ukraine but republicans want to know, why are weapons not part of the offer? also in world news, a desperate and initial call for help but not apparently from the crew of the south korean sinking ferry. cnn now confirming that a boy was thinking quicker than those at the helm as the disaster was
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happening. and our money lead today. if there is one shred of evidence that those on board flight 370 are dead, it has not been found. but malaysian officials are talking about issuing death certificates anyway. will relatives accept that? good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper with "the read." what happened to you, russia? it's like the u.s. cannot even recognize you anymore. it won't. the seizure of -- during the trip to capital kiev. >> no nation has the right to simply grab land from another nation. no nation has that right. and we will never recognize russia's illegal occupation of crimea and neither will the world. >> native americans shaking
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their heads somewhere. while biden was speaking, the white house puts your money where the mouth is. offering a package for ukraine which includes nonlethal aid for security forces. that's diplo speak for no weapons. this comes at a time when obama administration is putting stocks in claims that proves russian forces are operating in their country. some of the so-called men in green do look similar to russian special forces who invaded the country of georgia in 2008. but cnn has not independently verified the photographs. russia has scoffed at these claims. keep in mind it has 40,000 troops perched along the border. biden warned russia of more sanctions if it doesn't end its, quote, provocative actions. >> what is the vice president
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saying? if they continue to do this, what will we do? no one in american wants boots on the ground. i totally accept that. but to keep telling everyone, don't worry, we're not going to have boots on the ground. can we go one press conference without saying that? >> the u.s. has frozen assets on some russian officials and the idea of sanctionsing putin personally is not out of the question though the kremlin said that idea is absurd. and while the u.s. is not sending weapons to ukraine, it's about to show a huge show of force. the pentagon is not trying to hide its motivation here. this is a direct result of what is going on in ukraine right now. also in ukraine right now, our own senior international correspondent arwa damon. explain what the pentagon is planning to do here. >> reporter: well, they are going to be dispatching a few hundred troops to various countries in the region as part of a training exercise.
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this is very much a symbolic gesture, jake, also meant to send a warning to russia and when it comes to countries in the region, there's understandably a lot of concern. they do, many of them, have their own russian-speaking population. so this is meant, to a certain degree, alleviate some of their concerns but at the end of the day, this move by the united states is not going to be altering the current dynamics on the ground at this stage, jake. >> arwa, you reported on two bodies pulled out of a river from where you are reporting. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: these are two bodies pulled out from the river over the weekend, as far as the information that we are getting. only one of them has been identified so far. that is a body of a local politician who was part of the current acting president's political party. both bodies were discovered mutilated and very difficult to identify.
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the family, according to one of the local heads of this morgue going to identify the body. whatever agreement may have been come to in geneva, it's not had much of an impact on the ground. we had that incident that took place. another incident where three pro-russian protesters were killed at a checkpoint. we've had the takeover of yet another police station. the police chief was taken into custody and detained by the protesters. there's been no indication whatsoever that the situation is de-escalation. in fact, tensions on the ground seem to be increasing. all of this is incredibly concerning. >> arwa damon, thank you so much. please stay safe. in ukraine and meeting with local leaders, joining me live from kiev, congressman, thanks
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for joining me. it's not just republicans calling for lethal aid, it's former prime minister that has asked congress to provide weapons to the ukrainian military. why are we saying no? >> well, i think, you know, the more important point, jake, at this point is part of the reason that we're here in a bipartisan dell la delegation is to reaffirm the facts on the ground. we met with the acting president and governor in the eastern region with civil society organizations working here and we're at a critical stage. i think the agreement in geneva gives putin an opportunity to back up some and de-escalation the situation. i think if he interferes with
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these elections in any way, we'll have an opportunity to impose sanctions and consider other options. i think everyone is focused on what we can do to support ukraine, to support the democratic aspirations and de-escalate the situation rather than escalate it and there's still an opportunity to de-escalate it. i think these opportunities on may 25th are going to be critical. we have to insist that they be free and open and that there not be interference with russia in those elections. >> congressman, have you seen any evidence that things are de-escalating? all of the evidence we have from our reporters on the ground in eastern ukraine is that tensions are only ratcheting up and that the pro-russian forces in eastern ukraine who have seized control of very government buildings say that they are not part of anything brokered in geneva. what evidence do you have that what took place in geneva has been successful?
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>> well, first of all, i think we see tremendous evidence of russian propaganda, exaggerating a lot of things under way. what we saw, also, the ukrainian people's determination. we went to where the revolution began and we went to a city about 250 miles from here. they are doing a lot of work to both build up their military, rebuild their democracy. these are determined people and we have to stand with them. i don't think there's any evidence that it's de-escalated yet. i think a geneva opportunity has indicated that it's time for russia to do what they say they are going to do and i think we need to keep the pressure on and demonstrate that we stand with ukraine as they attempt to protect their democracy. in the hopes that we will persuade putin to back off. if he doesn't back off and continues with aggressive action, we need to be prepared to enact serious sanctions, to
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impose a serious punishment on him that will rally the national community to be part of that. but we have to, i think, get through these elections and ensure that, as the president announced today, there are resources so that there are free and fair elections. that will be a turning point for ukraine. they will have an opportunity to move forward. we have to make it clear to putin that this behavior is not acceptable. >> congressman, with all due respect, crimea has already been seized. hasn't that already happened? >> there's no question it's happened. now the responsibility we have is to be part of the world community in responding to that and imposing some punishment. we cannot permit that kind of active aggression, a violation of international law to go unpunished. the question is, can we impose sanctions and take actions which
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will impose actions short of military action? i think we have an opportunity to exhaust those things first and attempt to impose serious sanctions on vladimir putin and on the russian federation and, again, working with nato and the international community, the most dangerous thing for vladimir putin is a successful democratic ukraine, a strong ukraine and that's what we have to help accomplish by supporting them in every way that we can. >> congressman, aren't there russian special forces or at least operatives of some sort in eastern ukraine right now? >> i don't think there is any question that there are russian representatives or agents in parts of ukraine. the ukrainian people know that. this is, again, the responsibility of the ukrainian people to stand up for democracy and respond to this and ensure that elections go forth on may 25th and they are building the
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capacity on the government side to sustain this. putin is trying to destabilize ukraine and destabilize the eastern part in particular. i think the ukrainian people know that and i think they will continue to respond to it. we have a responsibility to do all that we can. we did a billion dollars in loan guarantees. i think the international community will continue to do their part. but this is a -- you know, we went to the madon where we saw 125 individuals' pictures, memorials of people who gave their life for the ukrainian democracy and these are people who are committed to do this and we need to stand with them. >> congressman dave cicilline in kiev, thank you. the first call of help didn't come from the captain or the crew of the sinking ferry but from a boy, a passenger on
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the ship. so just what was the crew doing? plus, with the first underwater search for flight 370 almost complete and still no wreckage found, one family member says she wants the investigation to start over from the beginning. the constipation and belly pain feel like a knot. how can i ease this pain? when i can't go, it's like bricks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements. it helps you proactively manage your symptoms. do not give linzess to children under 6, and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain... especially with bloody or black stools.
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and savings -- all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? welcome back to "the lead." before the crew called about the sinking ferry, first responders might have first been alerted about a problem by a student who made this desperate plea. "save us." someone described as a student called emergency officials asking for help three minutes before the crew called for help. he said the boat was sinking and he was transferred to the coast guard. the number of deaths could rise
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dramatically because the dive team have reached the cafeteria where many are thought to have been trapped. kyung lah is live from jindo with the latest on the rescue effort. kyung? >> reporter: jake, we're actually on the water. we're just outside the exclusion zone where this active search is still going on. it's continued in the overnight hours. it's just the early part of the day here. i want to give you a sense, though, of what we're looking at. see these banks of lights behind me? all of this is coming from the boats in this very active search. if you look above, there are flares being dropped from planes to help light up the night's sky. this is something that they are doing so divers know exactly where they are because this is extremely, extremely murky water. the currents are quite good today. this barge that you're looking
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at is where the sunken ferry is. it's right below that. the search continuing as the investigation picks up steam. today we learned that the first call for help came not from the captain but from a boy on board. the south korean coast guard tells cnn that call happened a full three minutes before the ship's crew made its first distress call. more grim news from the search news as search and rescue divers plunge into the cold, murky water hoping to find survivors nearly a week after the tragedy. the search here is dangerous. divers swim down more than 100 feet following guide ropes that lead them into the submerged ferry where they can barely see a foot in front of them. the low visibility and debris makes it nearly impossible to find their way around. authorities say the efforts are still a search and rescue operation but no survivors have been found since 174 people were
1:19 pm
rescued last week, soon after the ferry went down. divers entered the ship's cafeteria on thursday and continue their focus on the third and fourth levels inside the lounge and cabin areas where they believe many of the students are located. the tough conditions and high body counts are taking a tough toll on divers. >> translator: the conditions are so bad, my heartaches. we go in thinking there may be survivors. when we have to come back with nothing, we can't even face the families. >> reporter: meanwhile, two more crew members were arrested on tuesday. bringing the total of those facing charges to nine. their heads bowed and covered, they say they tried to reach the lifeboats as the ship was tilting over. >> translator: but we slipped so we could not do that. >> reporter: we prostrate ourselves before the victims' families. and beg for forgiveness.
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we beg for forgiveness from the victims' families. they are called into white dome sents to identify the remains of their loved ones. back here at the sea, you can see the flares dropping to the water below trying to help the rescuers as they deal with this very dark water. jake, you mentioned that they've reached the cafeteria. the number expected of the missing expected to drop. the death toll expected to rise. and to give you a sense of how scary it is, divers tell us that the way that they are figuring it out, how they find the bodies, is that they are literally using their hands to feel around in the cabins and see if they can feel any dead bodies. jake? >> kyung lah, thank you so much. a horrific story out of south korea. coming up on "the lead," the underwater search for flight 370 is nearly complete. that brings up the question, are searchers even in the right
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spot? on this earth day, the images that changed this photographer's mind as he traveled to the ends of the earth with his camera.
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welcome back to "the lead" in world news. there's still a sliver of hope that the bluefin-21 will find signs of missing flight 370 under water but that hasn't stopped investigators from looking ahead to plan b. the underwater vehicle is on its tenth mission to find the black boxes or any other wreckage but it's running out of places to look. and in the event that nothing is found, once the entire area is searched, australian and malaysian officials want to have the next steps already in place. pamela, does this mean that they will have to go back to the drawing board? >> i don't think they have to start all over but they need to consider widening the search efforts. the bluefin-21 is almost done
1:26 pm
searching here. the underwater six-mile radius zone, considered the most likely area where the plane went down. >> if they were thinking, if you remember, that this was the bullseye that they were going to throw the one dart of the bluefin into the bullseye, i think it's about time to expand that area. >> reporter: crews could finish searching that zone in the next day. if nothing is found, investigators will regroup but it's not necessarily back to square one. >> we only have a specific amount of data, a certain amount of date that that has led us to this part of the world. i think we have to be encouraged that we've been led to this very specific and small part of the indian ocean. >> reporter: the bluefin has only searched around the second ping which was thought to be the most likely area. now malaysian and australian officials are working out an agreement for what comes next. it includes what happens to any debris when it is found, how human remains will be treated and the under the sea search.
1:27 pm
perhaps to include more pings or change techniques, like using a towed underwater vehicle that could cover a larger area. but the passengers' families aren't convinced that experts are doing everything that they should. >> well, we'll keep going back to wanting to start over with the investigation. what they are doing now, searching in the ocean, is like continuing to wanting to bail out a boat when the hole in the boat hasn't even been found yet. >> reporter: meanwhile, searchers continue to search for the wreckage and the planes were delayed today due to a tropical cyclone. it's the second time that a storm has gone through this area since the plane went missing. in beijing, families of passengers on the plane were disappointed for a second day in a row. it comes after a briefing where technical experts did not
1:28 pm
arrive. >> there's nothing much i can tell you. >> meanwhile, the head of the investigations next of kin committee is heading to beijing to meet with chinese officials and families and says he has to talk to them before announcing any action plans. of course, we'll be eagerly awaiting that. jake? >> pamela, in terms of your justice department sources, what are they telling you? anything turned up on the computer or flight simulator? are they helping with the investigation in malaysia? >> they are helping with the investigation in malaysia. there hasn't been a formal request by malaysians to bring in an fbi team but there have been agents helping there since day one. they have been in the command post and are going through the hard drives still looking at the simulator. but my sources are telling me, jake, there's nothing big jumping at them that would implicate them. they are following up on leads. there were routes in there that
1:29 pm
the plane usually didn't travel. there's nothing that jumps out that says, this makes sense, implicating them. this investigation is ongoing. but as of now, they are not ruling anything in or out and are just waiting eagerly for the black box. >> very frustrating. >> yes. >> pamela brown, thank you so much. with the bluefin-21 area nearly now complete, is it time to ask if searchers have been searching in the wrong place this whole time? rob mccallum and mary schiavo are joining me. rob, the bluefin-21 is expected to complete its search in the next few days. i don't know how to take this news. is it that there's a third left to search and, good news, we're going to find it there in the one-third that is left or is it, boy, they are almost done and they are coming up snake eyes, maybe this was the wrong place the whole time? >> well t. could be the wrong
1:30 pm
place altogether but we don't know that yet and we have to allow them to search the last 30% before we can make any sort of definitive decision on that. but it is becoming clear that the area is going to have to widen and it's going to have to widen to include all of the pinger locations or places where pingers were thought to be heard and then back along the arc of the aircraft track heading northward. >> was there too much optimism that the pings came from the black boxes? >> well, i think just the length of time that they have searched and not found anything would naturally put doubt on things but with the pingers, there's so much practically about it that it has to be the planes. there are not pingers there for any other purpose. some people were saying it could
1:31 pm
be animal tracking devices. that's not what they have and oceanographer or fishing equipment. it's not the same. besides, the batteries would have been dead. so i think the pinger is likely -- it's very likely that it's from the plane and that they are searching in the right place but there's a lot of questions. for example, they said the ocean plays trick on sound and that sound is very unusual in the ocean. there's a particular layer of the ocean where it can travel long distances. maybe before they widen the search they need to experiment. put a pinger under the ocean and find out how far a good strong one will travel. find out if it degrades to 33.5 if the battery dies down and do scientific, old-fashion testing. >> rob, you and i have talked about whether the bluefin is the right equipment to be searching at these depths because it only goes so deep. is there a chance that the bluefin could have missed something in the scans of these
1:32 pm
areas? >> yeah, it's possible. you know, the bluefin is operated by a pretty good team but it's a technical tool. it's used for pinpoint searching in a relatively confined space. so whenever you're using sonar under water, there's a chance that you will miss something. the good news is that the diver that is collected by the blue fine is available on a hard drive and can be reanalyzed by a fresh set of eyes. if they missed it on the first analysis, it would pay to get somebody to look at the data and see what is being missed. >> mary, the families are very frustrated by the lack of information being presented at these briefings. you've represented families like these in your other life. what are the airlines and governments obligated to provide, do you think? >> well, under international law they are obligated to provide them compensation. they are obligated to keep them
1:33 pm
advise. they are obligated to help them get to the accident site, to give them information, to help them with memorials, et cetera. but in terms of hard specifics and how often they get briefed, no. we're used to a different set of laws that are enacted that only requires the united states and that requires very frequent briefings. it requires transparency with the ntsb with the families. so we're used to a different standard. however, that being said, the malaysians have been particularly egregious. anyone that works with families knows once you schedule something and tell them that you're coming to tell them something and you cancel that or you don't show, it's one of the worst things you could possibly do because they hope for and just latch on to the promise that they are going to be provided some information, something, because that's all they have to hang on to. those were serious, serious mistakes and i think it might have put the ability of the malaysians to complete the
1:34 pm
investigation in jeopardy. they just won't be trusted. >> rob mccallum, mary schiavo, thank you so much. when we come back, the malaysian officials discuss issuing death certificates so family members can receive assistance. but will the family members accept the finality of it without any sign of the plane? [ grunting ]
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manage appointments, and bill pay from your phone. introducing the xfinity my account app. welcome back to "the lead." time for the money lead. for the families of flight 370's passengers, it's been long and painful but according to sarah bajac, some have gotten phone calls that they wish would stop. >> the perception within the family group, nobody is interested in compensation lawsuits and we're really quite sick of being hassled by attorneys trying to get us to sign on for millions of dollars. that's got to stop. >> as we've seen in the countless videos, the situation has taken its toll emotionally but crudely it also has a financial cost. now that a u.s. time limit that
1:39 pm
lawyers can contact family members has passed, will families take more action? richard quest is in kuala lumpur. help me understand what insurance family members will need to be able to file insurance claims and lawsuits. >> reporter: here in malaysia they have announced in the last few days that death certificates will not be needed or required if families wish to proceed with life insurance claims because obviously it's quite difficult, since there's no body and no presumption of death, how can you have a death certificate but there's a recognition, a reality that people do need to file claims. so individual countries will have individual rules and regulations that will allow them from the insurance point of view to file their claims.
1:40 pm
now, from the compensation point of view, that's, of ucourse, governed by the international convention. we can expect further interim payments to be made under the article 28. >> richard, if they want to sue, who can they sue? just the airline? can they sue the government? >> reporter: no. no. first of all, it's jurisdictions. you sue the airline. so you sue the airline and in this case it will be malaysia airlines. if you can prove that the plane, the 777 was at fault, you would sue boeing and that would put in the united states. but at the moment with no plane and with no report and no findings of a
1:41 pm
findings of facts, you're at a loss as to who to sue. ultimately, the montreal convention gives you $150,000 of u.s. dollars under strict liability and the airline has to prove that they did nothing wrong or somebody else did something wrong. but without the plane, then the montreal convention is there. that's the only bit you've got. the lawyers have already been seeking clients, jake. the u.s. 45-day limit seems to have been ignored by one particular firm in the united states. others can now be expected to seek clients. but here's the point. you're not suing at the moment in the u.s. unless you can get boeing into the action. and you can't get boeing into the action until you can prove, which you can't at the moment, the 777 is at fault. >> richard quest in kuala lumpur, thank you very much.
1:42 pm
and now to the buried lead. we'll take you to the ends of the earth. some unbelievable images for you. and in national news, the consoler in chief. president obama meets with families after the washington landslide struck. what did he tell them? that's coming up. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ she can print amazing things, right from her computer. [ whirring ]
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welcome back to "the lead." it's a supreme court ruling that could dramatically affect college admissions across the country. the court up held a michigan law that bans affirmative action laws. it was approved by michigan voters in 2006 but was later overturned by the court of appeals and that lower court overstepped its bounds by reversing a policy approved by
1:47 pm
voters. that clears the way for other states to try and adopt similar bands on affirm ative action. sonia sotomayor said it will lead to a decline in minority enrollment in michigan schools but in his ruling, justice kennedy said the case was not so much about the debate over racial preferences should be resolved but who should resolve them. and now a milestone just before earth day. it's not the kind of milestone environmentalists were hoping for. the combination of carbon dioxide has been consistently above 400 parts per million for the last month. it's a higher rate of co 2 than earth has seen in millions of years, according to the oceanic administration. take a look at this. for almost a decade, the
1:48 pm
celebrated photographer james baylock has been bringing us evidence of global warming from the north pole. his evidence was the subject of "chasing ice." there is more time lapsed video from the soul pole, in the southern hemisphere. i recently had a chance to talk to him and asked him about the goals of his new mission to the bottom of the world. >> we've been working for eight years looking at glacial changes, glaciers receding as a result of climate change and we're expanding our evidence. we've seen glaciers and ice sheets disappearing at an
1:49 pm
astonishing rate. i never imagined that we'd see change this radical in such a short period of time. but we've seen these big tons of ice breaking back or melting off and changing the glacial dynamics of this landscape until recently people thought were big monolithic blobs. >> how do you convince skeptics that something has to change? >> many years ago i have to admit that i was one of those who thought about the belief and ideology more than evidence. i thought it was simply impossible that humans could change the basic physics of this gigantic planet of ours and once i started to understand the evidence, particularly that which is in the glaciers of course, climate change is real. it's right now.
1:50 pm
>> and you're convinced that this is mainly due to man and changes that humans are making to the environment and the atmosphere? >> yes. based on the evidence, i think we've got a natural change that is being exaggerated and made more intense by human activity, the burning of fossil fuels, dumping the waste of our combustion into the atmosphere. >> you're witnessing some of the most beautiful scenes i have ever seen captured on film and yet it must feel somewhat hopeless at the same time. are you inspired? do you feel defeated? >> yeah, i actually find it inspiring. i take inspiration from these fantastic landscapes. i take inspiration from the opportunity that through our cameras we can be a voice for these landscapes.
1:51 pm
look, climate change didn't happen overnight. it's happened over decades and centuries, tailpipe by tailpipe. and it's going to be corrected over decades and centuries. we shunned be naive and childish and think that there's a short-term fix and incentive for every possible change right away. but it's something that can be dealt with and i find it fascinating to be here at this moment in history being part of this whole story. >> james balog, thank you so much. stay warm. >> thank you. a stunning reminder of how beautiful and how fragile the planet is on this earth day. wolf blitzer is here with a preview of the situation room. wolf, we now know about the significant attacks in yemen against al qaeda. do we know specifically who they were targeting? >> high value targets. and there's some suspicion that the master bomb maker, ibrahim
1:52 pm
al asiri, we're getting analysis from retired chairman of the joint chiefs, richard myers is going to be joining us as well. there are dramatic developments and president obama is not shy about authorizing the drone strikes going in with missiles to assassinate high-value targets, as they are called, and there were a recent series of them in yemen over the next few days. president obama making a stop before his asia swing to get a full scope of the tragedy. where he is and who is he meeting with. stay with us. my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. ♪ hooking up the country whelping business run ♪
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trwith secure wifie for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. welcome back to "the lead." in national news, president obama is making his way out of the country for an asian trip leading on a somber note with a
1:57 pm
stop-over in washington state right now to view the destruction from a massive slide. today marks a month since the landslide. 41 people are dead, two people still missing. the president is meeting with relatives of the victims and with rescue crews. our own ana cabrera is standing by for us. >> reporter: jake, it's just an overwhelming amount of devastation when you look at this landslide area. we got word the president just finished his aerial tour and is now off to meet with the families. he's definitely not seeing only slow, methodical progress but really the community united by tragedy. we see signs like this and yellow ribbons throughout the surrounding communities as they
1:58 pm
are there to support those affected by this horrific disaster is this the last zone to be search? >> no. >> reporter: it's been one month since the landslide occurred in oso, washington. >> what was here before the landslide? >> sparse houses, trees. >> reporter: we walked along what was once a highway. this is progress. >> we're standing under at least ten feet of water. >> reporter: water and mud still creating the biggest challenge. i was told that water was above my head when the landslide first
1:59 pm
hit. they had to create a water channel with pumps able to move the water out of this area just to give search crews access to work here. special machinery like this excavator just arrived. this gives you an idea of what search crews are up against. logs, mud, piles of debris stacked 20 to 40 feet high in some places. the slow, sloppy, and dangerous work comes with an emotional toll. so far, at least 41 victims have been recovered in the disaster zone. a washington spruce tree left standing now serves as a makeshift memorial for the lives lost. it provides a source of strength for the ongoing recovery effort.
2:00 pm
there are still two people missing and this are months of recovery ahead. jake? >> thanks, ana cabrera. i'll turn you over now to wolf blitzer in "the situation room.." terror takedown. the bomb maker possibly killed in a drone attack. crisis unraveling. vice president joe biden makes a show of u.s. support in ukraine as a politician is found tortured and killed in the eastern part of the country. can washington help keep ukraine from falling apart. exclusive details of the search for flight 370 and what happens after the bluefin mission is complete? how officials